Waterkloof House Preparatory School


Open Day 25 March 2017
09:00 to 12:30

90th Anniversary Memorabilia

Waterkloof House Preparatory School - WHPS - is situated in Pretoria, South Africa and is an independent (private) School, offering education as follows:
Grade 000 and Grade 00 boys and girls, and Grade 0-7 boys only through the medium of English.

Founded in 1923 by the Ruddell brothers, the vision of the School is to realise the holistic development of its boys using a broad-base to promote high moral values; independent thinking; self-discipline and a positive self-image, enabling each boy to realise his full potential in academics, sporting and cultural fields within a Christian environment.

Remembrance Day

Affectionately known as WHiPS, there is a certain element that sets Waterkloof House Preparatory School apart from any other school - its ethos is legendary.

Embodied in its motto, Work Hard Play Straight, this ethos is a deep spirit of community.

Boys at WHPS are afforded a learning experience that transcends the classroom. Headmaster Mark Whitelaw encourages focus on personal excellence, independent and creative thinking, as well as a strong passion for the task at hand; in the classroom, playing a musical instrument, competing on the sports field, or on a field trip.

teacher and school boys

Every member of the School's community contributes his own special gifts to create a unique environment. Individual teachers, boys, parents and support staff are all touched by the atmosphere pervading the School.

One of the top private boarding schools in South Africa, pupils attending WHPS stem from various countries, making for a rich and diverse culture.

The various curricula offered by WHPS encapsulates the ethos of the School. To be a WHiPSian does not just mean that you have enrolled at the School and spent a number of years here.

cricket capping ceremony

It is an intangible quality of gentlemanly behaviour, consideration for others, care for the environment and a sense of self-esteem, which prepares the boys for the challenges the future holds for them.

These qualities are vital to allow every child to be the best that he can be, and it is these qualities, as well as the rich and rewarding all-round education that they receive, that makes WHPS boys so attractive to the high schools of South Africa.

front entrance

"Children are a man's riches, the greatest of all his possessions, and the whole future of his house depends on whether they turn out ill or well."


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