Boarding School

Residential education from Grade 3 – 7

WHPS – Boarding School

WHPS is the only Boys’ Prep School in Pretoria and one of only a few boarding schools in South Africa, that offers residential education from Grade 3 – 7. Having opened in 1923 with 12 dayboys and 2 boarders, WHPS has maintained a tradition of boarding and is proud of benefits offered through this facility, which include:

1. An Opportunity to Mature

Maturity is developed through decreased parental input and increased personal responsibility. Although life in boarding school is ordered and organised, more responsibility rests on the boys to meet the expectations and requirements of boarding life. In striving to meet the demands of such communal living the boys challenge themselves on a daily basis and in the process mature and develop.

2. Growth in Confidence

Living away from home is a challenge. Boarding offers the boys the chance to face that challenge and grow in self-confidence and, therefore, self-esteem in a safe and supportive environment.

WHPS is a feeder school for some of the best private schools in South Africa. Boys going to boarding school at PBHS, St Alban’s, Michaelhouse, Hilton College or St John’s have already adjusted to this way of life.

3. Improved Organisational Skills

Almost every parent has a well-known script of, “Have you done your homework? Please go to bed! Have you showered yet? Are you ready for the morning? Did you clean your teeth?”

The orderly life in the boarding house encompasses all these activities, and more, but places the direct responsibility back on the child.

4. Social Awareness and Responsibility

Communal living outside of one’s immediate family can be demanding. One is required to be tolerant, assertive without being aggressive, clearly aware of one’s rights and responsibilities, as well as able to stand up for one’s self in a positive way.

The age range of one’s companions requires different skills and care, and the rule of “Do as you would be done by” applies. These social skills are essential; not only in residential schools but in life, and learning the implications of them can not happen too early.

5. The Full Experience of WHPS

Last, but not least, boarding has always been an integral part of the WHPS experience and tradition.

The boarders have a great deal of fun, parameter driven independence, great food and a hoard of responsible adults taking good care of them. The school playground equipment, playing fields and swimming pool are on their doorstep and their school friends are on tap.

Hamilton House, named after Mr. Patrick Hamilton
Headmaster 1981 – 1989

Leadership Skills for Change
Boarding Experience at WHPS