Junior Preparatory School

The First Stage in Primary Education

Junior Preparatory School

The Junior Prep department comprises Grades 0 to 3. There are two classes per grade. The specialist subjects offered are Music, Art, Drama, Computers and Physical Education. The Grade 1 to 3 boys are also taught Afrikaans and Sepedi by specialist teachers.

The Junior Prep teachers teach the core subjects and the curriculum followed is in line with the CAPS document. The teachers at WHPS have a good understanding of boys and how they learn effectively.

The Junior Prep teachers aim to lay a solid foundation during this primary education for the young boys, in order to prepare them for future learning. The boys are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones in the classroom and on the sports field and to take risks, so as to grow.

Waterkloof House Junior Prep School

Our goal as Junior Preparatory teachers is to teach boys to read and write effectively and communicate clearly. We live in a world where technology is a definite part the young child’s life, however, we must take care not to neglect the fundamental skills, in order to have successful adults in the future.

At WHPS Junior Prep, we make use of technology as a vehicle or tool to enhance a concept being taught or for consolidation purposes. Children who can read with understanding, write effectively and work collaboratively are successful in today’s world where those skills are still vital.

We encourage our boys to think “out of the box” and to question his own ideas and the ideas of others in an appropriate manner.

Our Teachers

Mrs Nicola Branch – Grade 0B

Mrs Pat Henson – Grade 0H

Ms Gugu Mhlanga – Grade 1M

Mrs Geraldine Hargroves – Grade 1H

Mrs Delaille Sass – HOD & Grade 2S

Mrs Naomi Williamson – Grade 2W

Mrs Andrea Anderson – Grade 3A

Mrs Angela Colyvas – Grade 3C

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