Junior Preparatory School


Junior sport at WHPS is based on a holistic approach. Maintaining a healthy balance is vital to the development of a child, who should continue to remain active as an adult, whether competing as a professional or simply participating for the pure enjoyment and the physical fitness.

The goals of the sporting programme at WHPS are focused on the following:

  • The active involvement of every WHPSian
  • Balancing compulsory and voluntary activities
  • Ensuring the competence, enthusiasm and commitment of the coaching staff
  • Creating the opportunity for every WHPS boy to realise his full potential, while learning the lessons from a team environment.

The boys are exposed to various sports from the outset. The Grade 0 – 2 boys are involved in Swimming, Ball Skills, Mini Cricket and Mini Soccer and they have the opportunity to participate in the very comprehensive Playball programme.

Grade 1 and 2 boys follow an afternoon sporting timetable on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition to this, they play matches on a Saturday morning. The boys are exposed to cricket, soccer, tag – rugby, hockey and swimming. The Junior sports programme is focussed on participation and developing a love for the game.

The Grade 3 boys participate in the formal sporting timetable. The seasons are in line with that of the senior boys. The U9 boys play both midweek and weekend matches.Teams are selected on a strength basis and boys are taught the skills of dealing with a team environment. Over and above the sports offered by WHPS, various outside activities use the School facilities and sports equipment. Squash, golf, swimming, gymnastics, karate and judo are available through outside companies and tennis is also offered to those who just can’t get enough!
Junior sport beats hard at the heart of WHPS. It is a compulsory activity undertaken with gusto by our young men. Here lie the roots of team spirit, camaraderie, leadership and a love and understanding of sport, which will bear fruit and flourish throughout their lifetime.