Pre-Preparatory School

Recognising the need for Preschool Education


Since its opening in 1923, WHPS Pre-Prep has filled a special place, in the educational market place offering a high quality, balanced education backed by a strong ethos which expounds values such as good manners, self-discipline, self-esteem and respect for one’s self, one’s peers and one’s environment.

This broad- based approach to education has set generations of boys on the path to success and marked them with the special stamp of ‘a WHPSian’. Part of WHPS’ success has come from its ability to meet the needs of these children and their families, as society has changed and expectations have altered.

In recent years, there has been a growing understanding of the importance of socialisation for younger children and the need for structured perceptual development to prepare them for school. Economic pressures and families with two working parents have also seen these families wishing to place their children in school earlier.

Waterkloof House Pre-Prep School

Although traditionally a boys’ Preparatory School, WHPS has recognised the need to fill this niche and has risen to the challenge by opening the Waterkloof House Pre-Prep School. This new addition to the WHPS family sees the introduction of a preschool accepting boys and girls for a two-year period in the preschool classrooms before they move to Grade 0.

The Pre-Prep embraces the values and ethos of WHPS, offering a high quality preschool education which is focused on preparing the pupils for school by developing emotional, perceptual, physical and spiritual maturity in a nurturing and values – based environment.





Our Teachers

Teacher Debbie – HOD & Grade 00D

Teacher Jenny – Grade 00J

Teacher Zuki – Grade 00Z

Mrs Adeline Ngoepe – Teaching Assistance Grade 00

Teacher Linene – Grade 000L

Teacher Shannon – Grade 000S

Mrs Suzan Makena – Teaching Assistant Grade 000

Teacher Cindy – Whippets Aftercare

Pre-Prep News

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