We incorporate the Early Childhood Development (ECD) curriculum in our teaching. It focuses on  traditional academics (literacy, numeracy and life skills) and includes additional knowledge and skills to prepare children for the Foundation Phase. Our approach to teaching is theme based and the learners are exposed to the following areas of learning:

  • Social and Emotional Development:This area of learning focuses on assisting the child to mature emotionally, developing a sense of self-worth. The child will learn to be more independent and able to take responsibility for him or herself.
  • Cognitive and Perceptual Development: The ability to think and problem solve, to see similarities and differences, to sequence and to recognize forms and shapes.
  • Physical Development: This learning area is divided into two components: fine motor and gross motor development. Fine motor development focuses on the small muscles required for manipulating small objects and tools. Gross motor development refers to the activities that strengthen the development of large muscles, to facilitate balance, co-ordination and core strength.
  • Language: The development of language and literacy skills. Listening and speaking skills are  developed.
  • Numeracy: We focus on the development of the understanding of number and mathematical concepts. It incorporates patterns, time, measurement and shapes.
  • Knowledge and Skills: This area broadens a child’s knowledge of the world and develops age appropriate life skills.
  • Creative Arts: This learning area encompasses the performing arts, such as music, movement, drama and visual arts. Your child will be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that promote creativity, imagination and originality.
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