Senior Preparatory School


Sport plays a vital role in the development of each WHPSian. Boys are encouraged to strive for personal excellence and develop a broad – based skill set.

A number of different sports are offered including cricket, rugby, soccer, hockey, tennis, swimming, squash and athletics. All the major sports are compulsory and in the rugby season, boys may choose to play Tag – rugby. By the time WHPS boys move on to High School, they have been exposed to a variety of sports and they have developed a skills set that will allow them to be successful at high school. The boys are given opportunities to learn about themselves through a number of tours and derby fixtures. The coaching staff is well equipped to handle boys at different levels and with different talents.

The Grade 4 to 7 boys have sport from Monday to Thursday between 14:30 and 16:30. Their timetables are confirmed at the beginning of each term to ensure the boys know which days are allocated to sport.

All boys are actively involved attending practices, participating in galas and representing the School in matches in the Pretoria and Johannesburg leagues in both midweek and weekend games. This commitment to their School, their team and their own development is a vital life skill and a vital part of their life at the School. Leadership, team building and camaraderie are developed. Those boys who may not be able to actively participate are involved in scoring and supporting their peers, wherever their skills are best suited.

Physical Education is also offered during the morning to the Senior boys to enhance and maintain their physical strength and suppleness. They are taught how to warm up and warm down and how to stretch properly as part of their school sports training. This minimizes the risk of injury and prepares them for the physicality of senior sport.

Senior sport teams regularly go on tour throughout South Africa and compete effectively and successfully against schools nationwide. These tours enhance pride in themselves, their sport and their School and the boys are the best ambassadors WHPS could have. A good education is not just exemplified by success in academics. A truly holistic education must encompass culture and sport as well as allowing every boy to find his strengths and build on them, as well as acknowledging his weakness and strengthening them.

Not all boys may be budding professionals, but there is a sportsman in each boy – if he is allowed to find him!