Senior Preparatory School


WHPS Senior Preparatory Art offers a unique experience for the boys. It enables them to see and appreciate things in a different way. Learning in art is an exciting exploration of doing, of understanding, of seeing and creating. Through this the boys learn tenacity and patience in creating their artworks.

The vision of the WHPS Art Department is to cultivate a love and appreciation of art in the boys of WHPS. The teaching objective is to inspire them and to enhance their creativity. This is done in a supportive yet disciplined environment. This environment will enable them to develop a sense of independence and confidence.

Art is critical to the development of a positive sense of self in children and an appreciation of the world around them. From Grade 0 to Grade 7 the boys are given the skills to develop there workls through various dimensions. Development takes place from 2D drawings on a 2D surface to 3D drawings on a 2D surface to 3D sculptural elements.

Scissor work, gluing, texture, painting, molding and sculpting, dexterity with their hands, fine motor skills and using the techniques and tools taught all tie up with projects set for them. In each grade these tools are being re-enforced and built on each year. If the boys are taught to look and have the tools to create, draw and sculpt practice will only strengthen those skills.

WHPS Junior Preparatory Art Outcomes:

MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Deals with exploration, choice and mastery of a variety of artistic media to solve visual challenges and to communicate visually. This is the most detailed component because of the emphasis on art exploration and production.

ELEMENTS OF ART AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN: Includes the correct use of the language of art and an understanding of basic structure of art works.

DEVELOPMENT OF IMAGERY: Focuses on the need to encourage students’ imagination in order to produce works of art that are creative, reflective, and personal.

VISUAL AWARENESS: Refers to the ability to observe and record the everyday world and create from memory.

RESPONDING TO ART: Promotes critical thinking in describing, analyzing and judging art, develops a personal response to art, and stresses the importance of art for individuals and societies, past and present.


WHPS Senior Preparatory Art
WHPS Senior Preparatory Art
WHPS Senior Preparatory Art