Senior Preparatory School


Music is exciting. It crosses borders, turns frowns into smiles and it is a language everyone speaks and understands! Schools that fail to encourage the development of this expressive art, deny their pupils access to a stunning part of their culture. WHPS Senior Preparatory Music is alive and well.

At WHPS we have a proud Music Tradition which sets us apart from many other schools, giving all boys the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of instruments. They learn to be productive and creative, and at the same time also have a lot of fun.

WHPS Music Vision

  • to provide music education to pupils of all ages.

    WHPS Music Mission

  • to give every boy the chance and opportunity to experience music and all that we have to offer.

    WHPS Music Objective

  • to be passionate and create a love and appreciation for music.

The task of every music teacher is to develop a love and appreciation for music from a very young age.

Music Tuition at WHPS is offered in a wide range of instruments:

  • Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass
  • Woodwinds – Recorder Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet
  • Brass – Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Euphonium
  • Other instruments – Guitar (acoustic and electric), Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drums and Voice.

WHPS Senior Preparatory Music boys participate in the following:

  • Senior Orchestra
  • Keynote Singers
  • Senior Rock Band
  • Percussion Band

As boys become more advanced, they are offered opportunities such as eisteddfods, practical exams and our regular Matinee/Soirette concerts that take place throughout the year.

Another extremely important aspect of music is THEORY. Every boy taking an instrument attends a theory class once a week. We also have a Computer Theory Centre where the fundamentals are taught by means of games and stories, taking the learners on creative music trips.

WHPS offers a very active Class Music programme. Throughout the year different grades are exposed to:

  • String Group Classes
  • Brass Group Classes
  • Guitar group Classes
  • Djembe Group Classes

WHPS Senior Preparatory Music is dedicated to teaching the boys about different kinds of music and some interesting facts about music. This gives them the ability to make an educated and informed opinion about what they like and dislike.

The smartboard is an invaluable tool in Class Music. Interesting videos, music clips and pictures are easily viewed by the whole class. Activities come alive with the smartboard by giving the boys a chance to actively participate in and help shape the lesson.

The WHPS Music Department works in accordance with the stipulations laid down by the Education Department ensuring that all boys are easily assimilated into the Arts and Culture syllabus of any High School. The music experience at WHPS will hopefully lead to a lifelong love for and involvement in music, giving boys the opportunity to start off their careers from a very young age.

Our music and arts programmes are an important component of learning and success and have become a natural part of our school day. The dynamic team of music teachers certainly play a major role in the complete education of our WHPS boys.

The powerful impact that music has on our lives is as important as reading, writing and maths for a well-rounded education. By exposing your child to culture, he acquires a taste for the things in life that will feed his soul, and music does just that!



WHPS Senior Prep School