WHPS Centenary Building Project

Be a part of our future today

We are excited to share the news of this building project with all WHPSians in the lead-up to the celebration of our school’s centenary in 2023.

Your school continues to offer the best in education to each and every boy. Our school family has committed to further developing the excellent facilities with state of the art, modern learning spaces, which, will enhance the outstanding teaching and learning at WHPS.

An investment into your school is an expression of gratitude by current and past parents, Old Boys, and friends of WHPS. It signifies your acknowledgement of the immense role that the school plays in a young man’s formative years. You are called to recognise this and give back to your prep school.

This is a call to all WHPSians to contribute to the Centenary Building Project.

To BUILD education we need to expand our firm foundation.
To BUILD facilities we need to invest in structural building blocks.

All WHPSians are entrusted to BUILD and GROW WHPS into our next century.
The construction of the Centenary Building Project is a vital part of this vision.

Building WHPS – Building YOU

For more info please contact Margo Scheepers: fundraising@whps.co.za | 078 116 9451.


We appreciate your enthusiasm to express your gratitude and continued support of WHPS by donating to the Centenary Building Project.
The WHPS Foundations of Tomorrow Trust is an approved Public Benefit Organisation.

You will receive a Section 18A certificate and can deduct your donation from your taxable income when you do your annual tax return.  For example, the company tax rate is 28% and if your company donates R10 000 it can save R2 800 in income tax.  Individuals pay tax on a sliding scale between 18% and 45% depending upon your level of income.  If your earnings are in the top bracket for tax purposes and you donate R10 000 your tax saving will be R4 500.  If your tax rate is 39% your saving on a R10 000 donation will be R3 900 and so on. No matter your level of earnings your donation will be tax effective in your hands.

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    Thank you for your commitment to donate. Margo Scheepers will be in contact with you to finalise the process.

    Thank you for your commitment to donate.