WHPS – Checking In With The Senior Prep

WHPS – Checking In With The Senior Prep

WHPS – Checking in with the Senior Prep.
It’s been an interesting couple of months at WHPS, going from a hustle and  bustle, busy and happy school to a campus which was eerily quiet. Thankfully we have still managed to maintain some contact with the boys via Zoom lessons and clips and photos they have shared on Seesaw. Both staff and boys have adapted incredibly well to online learning and we are extremely grateful to our IT department, head up by Mr Travis Flude, all the WHPS staff, parents and boys for embracing the online school.

The campus has somewhat been revived by the arrival of our Grade 7 boys, who have settled into the “new   normal” at WHPS. The boys have adapted  exceptionally well and have settled into the routines of the screening on arrivals, washing hands frequently, sanitising every lesson and maintaining their social distancing at all times, even on the circle when waiting to be collected to go home. It has been wonderful to see familiar faces of parents at drop off, even though it is behind a mask.

Formal sport may not be on offer, but the boys have certainly enjoyed their Phys-Ed and movement lessons out in the Autumn sun, allowing them to release some of their built-up energy. It’s been wonderful to see Herringer and Pops fields being used what they are meant for, boys enjoying being physically active.

The cultural department continue to strive to deliver their creative lessons albeit under very different circumstances. This hard work has allowed the boys to  continue to be creative and use their imaginations.

We have been welcoming the other grades back on the WHPS campus and can’t wait to have everyone back. Staff have worked tirelessly in ensuring that we are ready for you and that safety measures have been put in place, and we are truly grateful to Mr Watson and his team for all they have done to   transform this campus into what it is today. Although life may have changed and may be very different from what we were used to, the following quote from Robert Frost sums it up best: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”

We are excited to welcome more boys back and trust that you all will continue to stay healthy and safe.

Sean Page / Senior Prep HOD