WHPS – Keeping Up With The Sport Department

WHPS – Keeping Up With The Sport Department

WHPS – Keeping Up With The Sport Department

Over the past few weeks it has been wonderful to welcome more grades back on to the WHPS campus. It has been particularly enjoyable to see Herringer and Pops Fields full of boys involved in some sort of physical activity, albeit very different to the normal lessons they would have had. Before and after each lesson all equipment must be sanitised. The boys must also wash their hands before and after each lesson, and cones need to be appropriately spaced out to allow for social distancing. We have had to accept that much of the fun has been taken out of sport, as we come to terms with the fact that no games may be played which do not adhere to the laws of social distancing. This has allowed us to focus on improving the boys’ fitness, strength and mobility. It is evident that the boys need work in these areas and we encourage them to give their all during PE lessons. During this time of fitness and strength training our boys continue to  learn perseverance, self-discipline and to push through, even when one feels like they can do no more.

This weekend it was wonderful to see live sport return, with the start of the New Zealand Super Rugby Aotearoa League. I am sure a lot of people have also enjoyed the start of The Premier League this week, and let’s hope Liverpool can go on and win the league. It’s great that sport is returning and we hold thumbs that it won’t be too long until WHPS is once again involved in our weekend derby days.

Garth Turvey / Deputy Head of Extra Murals