WHPS – Real Life 4 Kids Auction

WHPS – Real Life 4 Kids Auction

WHPS – Real Life 4 Kids Auction

The game is ‘hotting’ up with the much awaited auction which took place on Thursday, 18 and Friday 19 June 2020. The WHPS Grade 6 boys were both excited and nervous about how much money they were going to bid for their desired piece of land.

Auction hype was created by our auctioneer, Mr Sean Page, who quickly raised prices as the boys became more comfortable with the bidding process. The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop the action, even boys at home took part in the auction on Zoom.

Some of the boys held back until they realised the time was right and there was a lull in the buyers’ market. They managed to scoop some valuable plots for very reasonable prices. Other boys spent a fortune on a plot in Slimy Park, but they were not too upset as they have a view of the ‘Game Reserve’.  They all have 24 hours after the day of the auction to make an EFT transfer for the cost of their land including a 10% transfer fee to the Deeds Office.

The next phase of the game includes designing and building homes according to the rules and regulations set for each suburb.

Brigitte Theunissen / Deputy Head- Academics