WHPS Parents’ Association

Representing the views and needs of all the parents

Parents’ Association

The WHPS Parent’s Association

The WHPS Parents’ Association (PA) is a vibrant and active body representing the views and needs of all the parents in the School.The PA Committee comprises a maximum of 24 members elected at the Annual General Meeting, which commits itself to serving the best interests of the parent body and the School. The PA Committee meets once a month under the chairmanship of Moeng Setiloane. The Headmaster and other members of the staff body are invited to attend these meeting in an advisory capacity.

Should any parent have a query or concern they are at liberty to approach the PA at any time. Furthermore, should a member of the parent body wish to approach the School Council this should be through the Chairman of the PA who is their representative on the Council. Parents are welcome to contact the PA via email to the Secretary, Mrs Bridget Wedge.

A maximum of 6 members of the PA, including the Chairman, are elected onto the School Council and serve for a period of 2 years. These elected members provide appropriate feedback to the PA. The aims of the PA are primarily fundraising and fellowship, together with liaison between the Headmaster, Staff, Council and parent body. Funds raised by the PA are used for the direct benefit of the School and its boys. Fellowship events are arranged throughout the year. In conjunction with the School, the PA hosts a cocktail party at the beginning of the year to welcome everyone to the new academic year and introduce the new committee.

The PA is also active in aspects of pastoral care, providing support and assistance in times of crisis or need for members of the School community. This close involvement and care for the School family provides much of the warmth and spirit for which the community of WHPS is so well known.

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Secretary: Bridget Wedge




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