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Old Boys Association

Since 1923 thousands of boys have moved through WHPS classrooms. In most instances Waterkloof House Preparatory School left an indelible mark on the boy that helped form the man that he became. Unusually for a Prep School many ex-WHPSians choose to maintain their contact with their Prep School and become members of the WHPS Old Boys’ Association.

This is an active and vibrant group of men who take pleasure in returning to their Alma Mater and who keep the School’s best interests close to their heart.They give generously of their time and effort to fund raise for the School, arrange social functions to further the fellowship of the School and participate in sports events such as the annual Old Boys Soccer and Cricket days to further strengthen the bonds between the old boys and the young boys.

Over the years the WHPS Old Boys have made significant contributions to the development of the School and the campus, including building the squash courts, financing the new cricket nets, etc. They actively support the bursary fund making monies available for deserving children who have been in the School for no less than two years and who are in need of financial assistance to attend this private school for boys. They have also contributed to the School by being the best ambassadors the School could wish for. WHPS boys have gone on to become the head boys and prefects of all the prestigious High Schools in South Africa. They have represented their Country at sport and have led South African businesses onto the world stage. Actors, singers, fashion designers to name but a few, have all been moulded by the Ethos of WHPS. Many of them return with their own children, who in turn, take advantage of what the School offers.

At the annual Grade 7 Leavers’ Dinner all the Grade 7 boys are handed their Old Boys’ tie and 5 years later when they matriculate from High School they are all invited back for a Prawn braai and their first beer in Wilf’s – fully fledged WHPS Old Boys! Of course, not all Old Boys have become leaders or world players. However, they are all part of the ever-growing WHPS family and they have all made their own contribution to WHPS for which the School is always grateful and ever proud.

WHPS Old Boys

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