Senior Preparatory School

A Focus on Character Education

Senior Preparatory School

At WHPS Senior Prep, our philosophy of education and approach to classroom management in the Senior Prep phase is one of maximum pupil involvement. It is a journey of self-discovery where we strive to direct and guide the boys to learning for life rather than merely being prescriptive lecturers. The content that the boys are presented with, is the medium we use to develop the all-important skill of learning for life!

“Whatever you are – be a good one”! Our expectations for the boys reinforce just that.
This is the message that we hope to instill in the boys. We would like to see all our young gentlemen, in whatever they undertake, either as WHPSians, academically, socially, culturally, personally, on the sports field or within the community, being good ones!

We don’t demand academic, sporting or cultural excellence, but we do expect and encourage each individual to work towards his personal best. We are moving towards the boys accepting a greater degree of responsibility and accountability and ultimately working towards achieving more intrinsic and less extrinsic motivation. Responsibility and accountability doesn’t just happen and the boys need guidance in this aspect of their development.

WHPS Senior Prep School

Waterkloof House Senior Prep School

Yet again, whatever they are, we want our boys to be good ones, specifically fine young gentlemen..

Gentlemanly behaviour needs to be practiced regularly until it becomes second nature, a firmly entrenched and indispensable habit.

We aim to guide the boys’ lifelong learning empathetically, with firm and clear parameters. They are after all a super group of young gentlemen, and we know how important they are.


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