Recognising the need for Preschool Education


Although traditionally a boys’ Preparatory School, WHPS has recognised the need to fill this niche and has risen to the challenge by opening the Waterkloof House Pre-Prep School, fondly known as Whippets. This new addition to the WHPS family sees the introduction of a preschool accepting boys and girls for a two-year period in the preschool classrooms before they move to Grade 0.

Whippets embraces the values and ethos of WHPS, offering a high quality preschool education which is focussed on preparing the boys and girls for school. We have two Grade 000 classes (children turn four during this year) and three Grade 00 classes (children turn five during this year).

Our mission at Whippets includes the following:

  • To assist your child to reach their potential, by guiding their stages of development.
  • We provide areas for exploration, quiet time, reading, construction and creativity.
  • We strive to build independence and self-confidence in each pre-schooler.
  • Your child will be encouraged to work both individually with their teacher, and as part of a team with their peers.
  • We encourage the Whippets children to celebrate their differences.
  • We observe each child objectively.
  • We instill values and good manners.
  • The children are not bound by the classroom environment for their learning.
  • We encourage the children to interact with their peers, in a positive way.
  • Your child will feel secure and protected in the Pre-Prep surroundings.
  • We create a happy pre-school environment with a combination of structured activities, free play and creative lessons.


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