WHPS PA Family Fun Day

Saturday 8 July saw the inaugural WHPS PA Family Fun Day!  The event was initially due to take place at the end of March, however with two days to go, a high probability of lightning and rain was forecast and the PA decided, for safety reasons, to postpone the event until the second term.

Of course, as is so often the case with Murphy’s take on the weather, there was no lightning and no rain on the day – not a single drop!  But, lo and behold, on the rescheduled date, 8 July, the weather brought rain!  Yes, indeed it did, despite being winter. The day however forged ahead with a little bit of spatter and mud; and by lunchtime it was a coolish but dry day.

Regardless of this strange July weather families arrived with picnic blankets and baskets, chairs, helmets, running shoes and bicycles!  It was a wonderful sight to see so many children’s bikes and push-bikes in such a small area, with eager beaver little bodies anticipating their big races.

The day’s events kicked off with the kiddies’ training wheels or push-bikes race.  This was enjoyed by Grade 0 and younger children; and was a bustling, excited scramble.  Kudos to Kenny Maheso, who we all know is quite used to herding each and every one of us at the zebra crossings at the “circle”, for managing the riders in this event and all the others on the day.

This was followed by a junior MTB (mountain bike) race for Grades 1 to 3.  4km was in no way daunting to this group of eager cyclists!  The 8km MTB ride for Grade 4’s and upward was just as eagerly completed by one and all.  Of course there were the competitive few who raced to the finish-line but in this race, as in all the others, each participant who finished received a fun-filled goodie bag.

The last event of the day was the 4km trail walk/run.  The young man who was to lead the way managed to take a wrong turn, which resulted in a much shorter version of the trail being completed by most of the participants.  No-one seemed to mind however and this shortened route was completed with zeal.  A small number of groups stuck to the correct route and completed it in leisurely time, enjoying the nature and beauty along the way.  The Viney family were blessed enough to come across a baby giraffe on their travels.  The boarding masters and boarders brought up the rear bargaining with Mr Buckley to play computer games when they got back to school.  After the exercise this seemed like a reasonable end to an active day.

A mini-tuckshop was on offer with the usual offerings plus boerewors rolls and drinks.  Whilst laser tag, jumping castles and face painters kept everyone entertained when they weren’t off exercising in the reserve.

This event had an amazing response from the parent body and staff. A total of 584 tickets were issued.  Thank you to each and every family that bought tickets and supported the event!


The day however would have remained a fun one but would definitely not have been as enjoyable for the participants and raffle ticket holders without the truly phenomenal prizes and goodie bag items sponsored by a number of individuals and/or businesses.  Our thanks need to go to the following (in no particular order):

  • Skin PHd Brooklyn – facial cleansers and R450 treatment vouchers for each of the 100 goodie bags
  • SunBlue Bottle Liquors – Amarula cooler box
  • Mr D van den Berg from Tuffberg Promotions – set of 3 soft cooler bags
  • Asad Carrim from Eldoglen Spur – various vouchers
  • Jennifer de Jager from Uysie de Klerk – a number of items for each of the 100 goodie bags
  • CycleLab – various prizes and items for each of the 100 goodie bags
  • Cycle East – cycling helmet
  • Angelo Angelides from Queenswood Spar – 100 chocolates for the goodie bags
  • Café 41 – R200 voucher
  • Mrs Poggiolini from Curious Minds Toyshop – R500 voucher
  • Chris Pavli from FitFlop – various prizes and goodie bag items
  • Charis Hicks from Amazeballz – participating in the day
  • Nicolle Weir and the Bounce VibeTribe team – music and set-up on the day
  • Bos Iced Tea – 5 cases of iced tea
  • Magenta Pretorius – 100 funky sport sleeves
  • David & Sam Viney – toddlers’ Raleigh bicycle
  • Felicia Inez Padayachy– Boerewors
  • David & Margo Scheepers – Shadowballs
  • Mo and Fadeya Mohanlall – condiments
  • Tufan & Vernalee Yerebakan from Kream – 2 x R500 vouchers
  • George Ioannides from Col’Cochios– 4 x R250 vouchers
  • Andre Terlouw from Lynnwood / Specialized Cyclery – R5,000 in prize money and various goodie bag items
  • Runaway Sport – R1,500 in vouchers
  • Konstantin and Laura von Vieregge – a number of tickets for the SA Motoring Expo and show
  • Estelle Barnard from StudyChamp – R100 discount vouchers in each of the 100 goodie bags
  • Tanya of BodyTec – 15 x R195 vouchers
  • Gina Wallick – sunscreen sachets for each of the 100 goodie bags

As you can see, the list is extensive. Our thanks to each and every sponsor for their generous donations!

At WHPS our thanks also go to those who work tirelessly behind the scene to assist the PA in making these things happen:

  • Sam Viney – communications
  • Hayley Cameron – design and artwork
  • Carol Simmonds – all money matters
  • Rob Neilsen – logistics
  • Peter Dithaba – transport and heavy loads
  • Kenny Maheso – marshalling and starting and finishing lines

All in all we believe it was a most successful day and one that we hope will become a regular in the WHPS diary!

See you there next year!