A New Drone Coding Programme at WHPS

A New Drone Coding Programme at WHPS

Technology and Innovation – A New Drone Coding Programme at WHPS

At WHPS we always endeavour to provide and implement real-world learning strategies to grow the skill set of the boys who we teach. We have initiated a new subject for the Grade 7 boys, called Innov8. It will focus on several key strategies of real-world strategies and skill set growth.

It is the vision of WHPS to provide opportunities for boys to develop a variety of skills, needed to problem-solve real life challenges in our society. As part of the Innov8 subject for our Grade 7 boys we have introduced a drone programme. The drone programme will help the above mentioned skills to reach fruition.

WHPS, with the assistance and donation from the Parents’ Association, has invested in a drone coding programme. We have received 20 drones to code for projects. The programme requires dedicated training and has an enhanced curriculum built into it, to challenge the boys to solve real life problems. Twelve drones are equipped with cameras and stabilisers for video recording. Two drones are specialised racing drones that will allow us to participate in e-sport events in the future.

Benefits of the Drone Coding Programme:
  • Fosters ingenuity & creativity
  • Builds resilience
  • Promotes experimentation
  • Boosts teamwork
  • Encourages knowledge application
  • Teaches problem-solving
  • Advances the correct tech use in lessons
  • Inspires adaptability

We look forward to this enhanced addition to the Ruddell Library and Learning Commons (RLLC), and we believe this programme will allow boys to become future leaders, equipped with the key skills to tackle life.

If you would like your son to enjoy the opportunities that WHPS has to offer, please make contact with us and submit your application. Please click here to navigate to our Admissions page where you will find more information and can apply online.

Travis Flude / Head of Information Technology