Art Is Still Alive At WHPS

Art Is Still Alive At WHPS

WHPS Art is still alive.

“Kids are not little adults. But they are professionals. Their job is to play, their job is to experiment, their job is to try different things.”
Chuck Jones (the guy who drew Bugs Bunny)

In times of chaos, creating Art is like catharsis. A time to let yourself be free, to relax with moments of quiet in which you have the chance to absorb and lose yourself in the process of Art Making.

If there’s one thing that can never be ‘contained’, it is creativity. During this National Lockdown in South Africa, I have found my creativity renewed with ways in which to teach my lessons. It has been an experience of ups and downs but when I look at your children’s Art during lockdown I am all but blown away and they have been a light for me during this time.

So while we are hopefully coming out of this lockdown, and until I can see your boys in my class again, here are some reasons to remember how important is it so spend time on Art and encourage it!

  • Art promotes creativity
  • Art promotes confidence
  • Art promotes problem-solving skills
  • Art promotes patience and determination
  • Art promotes accountability

Hayley Cameron / Art Teacher