Dramatic Entrance

Dramatic Entrance

A Dramatic Entrance – Drama is a beneficial subject as it can help develop language and communication skills, build confidence and help children understand the world around them amoung other skills. When a child is allowed to play a character    outside of themselves they view different lives and communities through another lense and can therefore learn to respect all people through “being in somebody else’s shoes.” (literally through costume, props and make up..)

Children communicate their feelings, ideas and thoughts in a safe and creative space. They share the opportunity of dreaming, reflecting and critical thinking when they engage and play with their peers.

I had the great pleasure of playing with the Grade 7 boys this week. I witnessed the abundant joy and freedom they felt to be in the company of their friends in real time, offline at a ‘dramatic distance..’ and yet they managed to express  themselves and share good energy as we reconstructed the story of ‘Little Red  Riding hood and the wolf..’

I look forward to finding the ‘new normal’ way for character development and team building through words and safe interaction with the hard working  boys at WHPS.

Nkoto Modiba / Dramatic Arts Teacher