Grade 7 Boys – See the National Arts Festival

Grade 7 Boys – See the National Arts Festival

Grade 7 Boys experience the magic of the National Arts Festival

by Brigitte Theunissen
(Deputy Head – Academics)

Organised by the National Arts Festival team, Africa’s largest and most colourful cultural event offers a choice of the very best of both indigenous and imported talent.

Every year for 11 days Grahamstown’s population doubles, as people flock to the city for a feast of arts, crafts and sheer entertainment.

Every hall or large room becomes a theatre, parks and sport fields become flea markets, normally quiet streets have to be managed by an army of temporary traffic wardens, and every available bed in the city is booked. The festival offers more than 600 shows from opera, cabaret, drama and jazz to stand-up comics and folk music.

The Grade 7 boys arrived, excited but tired after a long morning of travel. No sooner had we dropped our luggage off at Mullins House than off to explore went 50 eager and hungry visitors to the Village Green.

And so a week of magic, laughter, shopping and more shopping began. We managed to pack in 13 shows, 15 delicious meals, 3 hours of shopping, 1 day of arts and crafts and a million laughs… all into 4 days!

Our young WHPS gentlemen made us proud – their enthusiasm, excitement, excellent manners and cooperation were commendable. Take a bow!

Thank you, Grahamstown! It’s been an amazing 4 days. Our town – and our country – have much to be proud of… Until next time!