Habit #11 Be Creative, Imagine and Innovate

Be Creative, imagine and innovate. All human beings have the capacity to generate novel, original, clever or ingenious products, solutions, and techniques – if that capacity is developed. Creative human beings try to conceive problem solutions differently, examining alternative possibilities from many angles. They are intrinsically rather than extrinsically motivated, working on the task because of the aesthetic challenge rather than the material rewards. Creative people are open to criticism.

Students, however, are often heard saying, “I can’t draw,” “I was never very good at art,” “I can’t sing a note,” “I’m not creative”. Some people believe creative humans are just born that way; in their genes and chromosomes. This is far from the truth. Being creative is something that they must work at, not something they are born with.

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We need to help our children see that there are many ways to generate ideas and solve problems. Let’s help them take risks and push themselves so that they grow.

Brigitte Theunissen / Deputy Head Academics