REAL LIFE 4 KIDS – Grade 6 Integrated Curriculum Activities

Real Life 4 Kids is an exciting, 3 dimensional life skills programme for children aged 10 to 16. The game allows children to open bank accounts, earn a salary and interest, purchase land, build a home, own a business, build various city contracts and get a snapshot of what awaits them in real life.

The game is fun and exciting and its full academic curriculum is easily assimilated into the normal school day, across all subjects taught.

The game’s online banking software ensures ease of operation for the teacher, as salaries are paid automatically and all the children’s payments are done online via EFT.

The teaching through action and Real life approach ensures the children’s interest and enthusiasm for the game. Also included in the game:


  • Learn the rules of the road and get your road safety licence.
  • Children buy medical and house insurance to protect them from medical bills or disasters…
  • Children earn cash in all subjects. Financial fines are issued for incomplete work or misdemeanours.
  • How to track their debits and credits, as well as how to write cheques.
  • Compound interest on their personal bank accounts.
  • Hawkers license can be purchased to allow children to sell homemade goods for cash
  • Children buy stocks on the game exchange
  • Take part in a live auction to purchase land.
  • Tax and taxation
  • Legal battles and court appearances
  • Elect a Mayor and Councillors


Brigitte Theunissen / Deputy Head Academics