Real Life 4 Kids: The Tender Process

Real Life 4 Kids: The Tender Process

The tendering was a stressful but enjoyable part of the programme. It worked as follows. Boys had to choose a business they were interested in operating from a list of businesses given by Mrs T. Once all the businesses were built, one had to make a proposal on how much money you were charging for it. The negotiation process with Mrs T then began.

The projects were built and presented with extreme pride; you might have noticed grade 6 boys eagerly arriving at school with their heads held high queuing outside Mrs T’s classroom anticipating the much-awaited tendering process. I am certain that you will all agree that we have numerous future architects and engineers in the audience tonight.

Mrs T had one of the most difficult tasks as she was the one that had to adjudicate the tendering process. She had to choose the most spectacular business with the best price, of course. I am not sure how many of the audience have been to look at the towns but I can honestly say that the  business’s built and tendered for were outstanding making Mrs T’s job a difficult one and the competition very tough.

This is where the stressful part of the programme came in. It often happened that 2 or even sometimes 3 boys were tendering for the same building.  Even though it was nerve racking to say the least it did teach us important life lessons. Through this process we learned hard life lessons about not always being rewarded for what you have worked hard for.

I would like to thank Mrs T and Mr Wolfaardt for adjusting and making this part of Real Life 4 Kids so enjoyable.

Daniel Manley (Grade 6)