Virtual Public Speaking

Virtual Public Speaking

Our first ever Public Speaking Online event, hosted by Hatfield Christian School, took place on Monday, 8 March from the very comfort of our homes. Four extremely talented and dedicated boys, two from Grade Five and Six respectively, participated. As there was a restriction of numbers and grades that could enter, the boys were keen to participate from the outset. An event like this takes preparation, writing one’s speech to the given topic, having it checked and double checked by myself, then learning the speech and then delivering it on the evening. I was immensely proud of the boys as they each chose a different topic and enthralled the audience. Thank you to the parents for their commitment to our event. However, my greatest thanks go to each boy for participating!

If you would like your son to enjoy the opportunities that WHPS has to offer, please make contact with us and submit your application. Please click here to navigate to our Admissions page where you will find more information and can apply online.

Thea Urmann-Smith  / Grade 7 Teacher

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