We Are Proud Of Our Junior Prep Boys

We Are Proud Of Our Junior Prep Boys

We are proud of our Junior Prep boys.
The teachers in the Junior department are truly grateful and blown away by the positive feedback from the boys and their parents with regard to online learning. It is most gratifying to see the uploaded photos and videos of the boys in action, carrying out their online tasks with such enthusiasm. Most of the boys have established a sound routine and they are working hard. Boys, we really appreciate your neat work and beautiful drawings that you are submitting to us. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces again and your friendly chats.

These are challenging and uncertain times for everyone, yet the Junior boys have grasped the opportunity of online learning with both hands. Some boys and parents have felt overwhelmed at times, which is quite normal. We encourage you to contact us personally, should you feel that you are not coping with the workload. You are encouraged to have fun and enjoy each activity that is sent to you. This is your opportunity to be creative and innovative. We have certainly seen the boys’ creativity coming through.

The boys have managed to adopt and internalise the 16 Habits of Mind, as they carry out their tasks on a very different kind of platform to a normal day at school. We have noticed them applying their knowledge to new situations, taking risks, being open to learning new things and finding humour, to name a few.

Thank you to the parents for supporting your sons at home and for all your support towards us as their teachers. We miss the boys and we cannot wait to see them back at school soon.

Please take some time to watch our WHPS Tutorial Video – The “New” Back to School to assist you with your planning and preparation for your sons’ return to school. You may click here to view the video.

Delaille Sass / HOD Junior Prep