We Are Proud Of Our Whippets

We Are Proud Of Our Whippets

We are proud of our Whippets
The Whippets Department is a very special place, filled with chatter, hugs, giggles and children running outside. The last few weeks have been very quiet without our Whippets. But during this time, we have had the special opportunity to visit our Whippets via Seesaw and Zoom. The Whippets staff are amazed by the work the boys and girls are producing online, from making boats, balancing, counting, drawing, sorting and much more. Our main aim during this time has been to make sure that our Whippets are still doing vital age-appropriate exercises to develop their skills.

We developed a special programme for our online learning; here are some of the skills we focussed on:

  • Drawing: Fine motor skills, small muscle development, pencil grip and control. Hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills which are needed for developing and exercising the small muscles in the fingers.
  • Hopping on one leg: This is for developing gross motor skills, muscles and balance.
  • Counting: Improve number recognition as well as counting skills, using tangible objects found around the house.
  • Listening to stories: Assist with memory, story sequencing, language skills and listening skills.
  • Cutting : Fine motor development, scissor control, small muscle development, hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills.
  • Throwing at a target: Gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, timing, dexterity and spatial awareness.
  • Listening to sounds: Differentiation, listening skills, following instructions, identification, language and social-emotional skills.

The Whippet teachers have been excited every morning to log on to Seesaw to see the lovely videos and photos waiting for them from the Whippets.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Whippets and their parents for their dedication and support during our online learning.

Remember to give your child the opportunity to explore and even make mistakes. Our focus is on the process and not the end product. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

Lee-Anne Visser / Whippets HOD