WHPS – Checking In With The Junior Prep

WHPS – Checking In With The Junior Prep

WHPS – Checking in with the Junior Prep.
How exciting it has been to have our boys back at school. It was so wonderful to see our JP boys walk through the WHPS gates last week and greet the teachers with great big smiles (under their masks). We have missed the chatter in the classrooms as well as the screams of glee on the playground. The boys have been absolutely amazing with  regard to their positive attitudes that they have brought to school and their mindfulness with regard to social distancing and hand washing. The teachers are so  happy to be able to see you and interact with you face-to-face in the classroom. Our JP quad is alive again!

The boys who are working at home have continued to work diligently online and it has been wonderful for their class teachers to connect with them and catch up on Zoom lessons. We cannot wait to see you all back at school. Keep up the great work you are doing online! You have been working super hard boys and we really appreciate it.

The Junior Prep boys will soon receive their reports where you will be able to see in which areas your son has done well and in which areas he still requires assistance. We wish you all a happy, restful weekend. Stay safe and healthy.

Delaille Sass / HOD Junior Prep