WHPS Goes Green and is Awarded a GREEN FLAG!!

WHPS has been awarded the Green Flag showing that we are indeed an eco-friendly school!

WHPS Go Green

We presented projects on the following themes:

  • Resources
  • Healthy Living
  • Community and heritage

Once our eco-reports had been assessed we were awarded the Green Flag in recognition of the transformation that had taken place. Now that we have the Green Flag we need to retain it by tackling a fourth theme and again submit an Eco-Report. It is about our on-going commitment to change!

After we have successfully completed five themes we qualify for an International Flag.

Watch this space for news of our upcoming project on Culture and Heritage where the whole school will be involved in ethnic beadwork projects.

whps solar projectwhps boys green project


As part of our ongoing eco education programme the whole School took part in a BEAD DAY. The purpose was to teach the boys about the wonderful customs and traditions of bead work in the Zulu and Ndebele cultures. Zulu myths and stories were read to the boys to show them the rich tradition of story telling, which is passed down through the generations.

The boys then made their own special beadwork item. They learnt about the meanings of the different colours and realized how important bead work is to the Zulu people.

The designs required good hand/eye coordination as well as how to follow instructions carefully.

The end results were magical!


ethnic beads    whps bead project



As part of our on-going ECO – ED programme, WHPS held “Project Litterbug”.

Throughout the School the boys were involved in learning about the importance of collecting litter and maintaining litter-free grounds. The various classes created lovely items made from discarded litter.

The morning began with musical contributions from the percussion band. The Grade 3 and Grade 1 boys performed dances to heighten the awareness of keeping a litter-free School.

whps project litterbug

Then came the big clean-up! Boys were sent around the whole School, both inside and outside the perimeter to collect as much litter as they can in 15 minutes. They were eager and enthusiastic and in such a short time, a great amount of litter was collected!

Special editions of ‘whippies’ were hand-made and given as prizes.

Congratulations to Mrs Norris and her Eco committee for a fantastic effort!


whps goes green

National Arbor Week
First Week in September


5 Ways to Go Green and Save

Save Energy: Unplug your appliances, especially cell phone chargers whilst you are not using them.

Save Water: Take shorter showers, water your plants when it’s the coolest outside so the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly, wash dishes by hand by filling up one side of the sink instead of letting the water run.

Save Fuel: Carpool. By conserving gas, you’ll not only be saving the environment, you’ll be saving money.

Buy Smart: If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If you can borrow it, do it. Not only will you be producing less waste, but you’ll be saving money while you’re at it.

Support: Companies who are making an effort to “Go Green”. Whether it is your local car dealership or your grocery store, support these companies in their efforts to help save the environment.